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If you are looking for the best lift company in Bangladesh then you are in the right place. We are inventing the next generation of elevators in Bangladesh with the embedded intelligence needed to deliver a superior passenger experience and superior value to our customers.

Basic Steps of Lift Installation

Setting the Columns in Place

First, the technician will make sure that the place you would like the lift installed is a good option. They will suggest alternatives if necessary. Remember:

  • There should be enough space to work safely without impacting your workflow.
  • The floors on both levels need to be sturdy enough to support the lift system when loaded.
  • They will also check that there’s enough overhead clearance for loading and off-loading the cargo.
  • They will bolt the columns and guide columns into place.

Adding the Carriage

Outlines will be drawn on the floor and walls to ensure that the carriage is placed in the correct location to travel up the columns evenly and level. Markings are drawn on the floor and wall to ensure that the carriage is placed in the correct location to travel up the columns evenly and level.

Raising the Drive Base for Mechanical Lift Installation

If you are installing a mechanical lift, the drive base will be lifted into place on top of the columns. When the motor drive is fitted correctly, the drive base will be bolted in place and later, welded to the supports.

Assembling and Setting the Gates and Enclosures

Gates and enclosures are important to prevent items from slipping off the VRC and injuring someone. These should be welded firmly into place.

Wiring the Electrical Components

Our technician will take care of all the wiring that makes your lift go up and down. This will ensure that the lift is easily operated at the flick of a switch.

The Final Check

The last step in a successful lift installation involves a thorough inspection of the unit. Then, your employees or a designated operator will be shown how to operate the lift safely. This should serve as the final operational check for your lift.

Lift Supplier in Bangladesh and Nirmaan

With years of experience, we are providing all kinds of building and construction-related solutions including lift and elevator systems in Bangladesh. Moreover, We have a team of professional designers, manufacturers, installers, suppliers, and maintainers of the Elevator.

We provide a full range of services from installing to maintaining conveying systems (electric and hydraulic) and became popular among major consultants and construction contractors because of the reliability & customer satisfaction, reputation, excellent service, and competitive pricing.

In continuance of our tradition of customer satisfaction through excellent service in the vertical transport of persons and loads, Delmon elevation has successfully completed a number of projects including Dhaka and many other places in Bangladesh.

In other words, we are specialized in importing and installing different types of elevators and lifts through highly qualified teams and employees.

Our services

  • Installation of lifts and escalators
  • Maintenance after-sale and Sustainable care
  • Replacement of lifts and escalators
  • Consulting and development solutions

Why you Choose Us?

Quality Manufacturing: Our manufacturing process follows strict guidelines and uses a combination of the most current equipment along with proven techniques generated over decades of experience

Reliable Performance: Every item we sell is tested and retested to ensure it meets the highest possible performance standards.

Durability: We measure the useful life of our products in decades, not months or years like some competitors.

Custom Engineering: Our standard product line has been developed to satisfy virtually any application requirement.

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