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As a leading building and construction company, we are known as the best bricks supplier across the country. Moreover, We supply a variety of brick types including interlocking bricks, hollow brick, fire bricks, solid, multiple hole brick, stone brick, ceramic brick, and many more. Our bricks come in a variety of colors & textures that are suitable for both interior and exterior design for residential or commercial projects.

Furthermore, there is also a great choice of colors, from earthy tones and reds to pastel colors, all of which can come in different finishes, depending on the preferred style of the client. Also, a structure properly built using bricks is solid, heat resistant and provides very good fire protection.

Properties of Good Quality Bricks

There are some characteristics of excellent quality brick that would more durable and sustainable. You need to know these characteristics.

  • They should be uniform and bright in color.
  • They should possess sharp and right-angled corners with plane faces.
  • Bricks should be fine, dense, and uniform in texture.
  • Good brick is fire-resistant.
  • Crushing Strength should be as high as possible.
  • Hollow and Light-weight bricks provide good sound insulation.
  • They should have low thermal conductivity.

Those are the common specialty of the good quality brick. You can be sure when you will found this at the time of buying different types of brick.

Why You Buy Bricks From Us

We are one of the trusted sources for quality, durability, and long-lasting bricks in one platform in Bangladesh. It’s the trust our customers place in us that keeps us focused on our goal; to lead the way in affordability and satisfaction. We are devoted to engineering masonry and landscaping materials that stimulate an instant response.

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