5 Facts About Using Aluminium Composite Panel

In Bangladesh, we often see the aluminum composite panel (ACP) work in various shopping malls, offices, many high rise buildings, shops, and many more. Here are the 5 interesting facts you need to know why those buildings are covered with aluminum composite panels.

1. Fire Resistance

The first interesting fact is, these materials are fire-resistant. Many ACP sheets come up with FR Grade feature which means they are fire-resistant because in FR ACP a mineral core is sandwiched between two layers of Aluminum. If the Aluminum itself already FR proof and it doesn’t catch fire up to 600 degrees Celsius.

2. Lightweight Material

The weight of any kind of construction material helps drive up the cost of the overall operation of construction. The reason may be it requires some special equipment or multiple vehicles to transport that heavy material to the construction site. And once it got there then it will require more workers and longer time to move and install each piece.

3. Environment Friendly

Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is the most sustainable, eco-friendly material and one of the most recyclable materials on the planet as the Aluminum that has been extracted from the sandwich panels can be easily recycled without any loss of value or quality. ACPs take active parts in solar heating and energy-saving systems that make it energy-efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

4. Modern & Stylish

ACP or Aluminum Composite Panel, “The beaming range of exterior facade material” creates a modern and stylish look of the exteriors of the building in Dhaka throughout Bangladesh. The trendy styles include: blocky designs with flat roofs for double stories and some unique shaped render looks for single designs.

5. Customizable

ACP sheets allow the architects to show their creativity in a better way. It is possible because of the easy customization & routing properties of ACP Sheets. Due to superior routing properties, it can be bent in any shape such as concave or convex, diamond, dome, etc.

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