Key Benefits of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Boards 

There are so many benefits of using wood plastic composite boards in different application areas. Here are the key benefits of WPC boards that you need to know.

1. Multiple Applications

In Bangladesh, WPC boards are used as planks and tiles on gardens, exterior claddings, building facades, exterior children’s sports equipment, etc. It is customizable with desired printing and texture. Its lightweight, durability, ease of application and maintenance makes it preferable over conventional wood.

It is extensively used on terraces and balconies due to its lighter weight. It is free from splintering and warping due to exposure to water. The non-corrosive, antibacterial, and durable nature renders its application profound in bathrooms, kitchens, wall claddings, and false ceilings.

2. Similar Appearance of Wood

Wood-plastic composite can be cut just like wood. The tools employed for wooden carpentry also apply here. Cutting, nailing, drilling, and sand finishing, all operations are possible on WPC just like wood.

3. Fire-Resistant Materials

The wood plastic composite is not absolutely fire resistant but it hinders it from spreading. Plastics have high calefaction and can melt easily making it a fire hazard. To neutralize this nature of plastic wood is present in the composite. Therefore, increasing the percentage of wood fiber in the wood plastic composite improves the performance against fire.

4. Reuseable & Recyclable

WPC boards are environment-friendly. Most of it is made from waste products and recycled materials. The components are wood mass, wood waste, agricultural waste, and waste plastics. Using WPC prevents cutting of natural wood and its manufacturing also ensures material usage tending to 100% with no waste production.

Wood-plastic composites don’t require surface coating, unlike other surfacing materials that save cost, labor, and time. Most of the WPC suppliers sell it with the buyback guarantee because 20% of its cost can be recovered by reusing it.

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Boards Supplier in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there is extensive use of the wood plastic composite boards in many places both residential and commercial spaces. As a leading construction company, we are providing all kinds of WPC boards in Bangladesh.

Moreover, we have a variety of wood plastic composite boards that are used in different places like floor, railing, fencing and many other places to decorate in residence or offices. You will find differently segmented categories of WPC boards as per your need where you want o put these things.


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