Disinfection Tunnel Supplier in Bangladesh 

The whole world is going through a very difficult time fighting with a pandemic virus and Bangladesh is not an exception as well. That’s why we as a manufacturer of corona disinfection tunnel have launched disinfection tunnels in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

You may be thinking about how does it works for disinfecting a human. The whole process is simple, you wash your hands and walk through the tunnel which has disinfectant sprayers sprinkle over your head. This is a two-step process that can remarkably reduce the number of germs from a person.

This is How a Disinfection Booth Works 

Here is the magical process of how a disinfection chamber helps you to disinfect.

  • In the system, there are some misting nozzles that are installed on both sides of the chamber in the two columns. All the nozzles on both side of the chamber which operates automatically by a sensor and timer circuit.
  • When You will come in front of the tunnel, the pump operates automatically and in turn misting starts from nozzles.
  • The nozzles are operatives for 5 seconds of electrolyzed Oxidizing Water fog which is required for proper sanitization. After which the pump stops automatically. And finally, you will be properly disinfected.

Why You Need to Install Disinfection Sanitizing Chamber

As a matter of fact, we all know that we must continue our daily life in this pandemic situation in Bangladesh. For that, we need to do our work as much we can. At the same time, we need to hygiene ourselves and remain safe from any kind of virus.

In these circumstances, disinfection and sanitizing tunnel system can help us with all those things that are most important to do. So that we can carry out our work while maintaining proper hygiene in our country.

This is How Our Virus Disinfection Tunnel Can Help You

We are manufacturing human disinfection tunnels and cabins for the disinfection of the entire human body using electrolyzed oxidizing water (EWO) must. Cause we know what types of chemicals are disinfecting and not harmful for your skin as well.

Moreover, our tunnel or cabin is fitted with ultra-fine sprays and air with UV radiation is used to disinfect the entire human body. Then again, we will give you the excellent set up of the sanitization gate with all required accessories like chemical tanks, nozzles, pumps, and many more.

In addition, Our model can be replicated at hospitals, Shopping malls, industries, government offices, schools, universities, communities, police stations, and many more places in Dhaka across the country.

Furthermore, we have a team of specialist who has plenty of experience in various types of disinfecting chemicals. They will operate every part of building the disinfection booth. They will take care of all important things such as where sodium hypochlorite needs or electrolyzed oxidizing water.

Our Product Range 

  • Automatic Sanitizing/Disinfected Tunnel
  • Disinfection Spray Tunnel
  • CoronaVirus Disinfection Spray Booth
  • Sanitizer Chamber
  • Portable Full Body Sanitizing Machine
  • Sanitizing Disinfection Cabin
  • Vehicle Disinfection Tunnel

Besides, we made custom tunnels as per your needs. No matter what is your requirements, our experts will consult you on the best things as per your needs.

If you need more information or questions regarding the disinfection tunnels please feel free to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to give all the required information that you need.


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