Are you planning to install a new glass window for your house? We are providing home windows, sliding windows, bay windows, cement windows, fixed windows, and much more for your home. Our variety design of window frame and glasses that will turn your house look to the next step.

Moreover, We have a large group of glass window arrangements that incorporate soundproof UPVC glass windows and energy-saving windows as well. Furthermore, we built custom windows so no matter whatever the structure you have and whatever your functional need.

5 Tips to Prepare a Window Installation

Here are some important tips you need to know before installing a new window for your home or office.

  1. Know that Your Windows Won’t be Removed All at Once: There is hardly any practical benefit to removing all windows at once. We take out one or two at a time, then inspect, repair, and clean the wall opening. We’ll take the precise measurements then install the windows. Only then would we proceed with the other units.
  2. Remove the Curtains, Shades: Be sure to clear the entire window space and remove everything on the ledges and sills. You will also have to make sure nothing’s hanging from the window frame.
  3. Clear a Path: Our team will have to work from the inside, so a clear path from the entryways to the window will be essential. Furnishings should be out of the way and covered. If you have breakables, store them in a safe area. Designate the areas where our team is allowed, which bathrooms they could use, and other procedures.
  4. Mind the Dust: The process will release a significant amount of dust. Be sure to prepare before the first day of installation. You should have enough dust covers for the furnishings.
  5. Check the Paperwork: We will make sure we process all our orders correctly. Nonetheless, it is always advisable to double-check. In case of errors, we will correct them right away.

This Is Why you Choose Us For Window Installation

As a leading building and construction company in Bangladesh, we have a team of experts who are offering all support related to this. With the most extensive selections of high-quality windows in the Bangladeshi market, our team of fully-trained technicians, and with over 1,000 projects under our belt, you can expect the highest standards of professionalism and quality from our products and service.

Then again, our window frame is made from lightweight, highly durable aluminum and is available for a range of window types (standard, fixed sash, bay, and gable), made exactly to your specifications.

In addition, our work is a direct reflection of our values and our legacy. We strive to deliver the highest quality window and door to our customers and to fit them with the care and discipline of artisans to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work for years to come.

Our Windows Category Include

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