40 kVA Ricardo Diesel Generator

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Specification Details
Price (Bangladesh) ৳ 420,003
Standby Capacity 40 kVA
Prime Capacity 40 kVA / 32kW
Speed 1500 rpm
Fuel Efficiency 0.3 kWh (unit) per liter of diesel
Continuous Operation Up to 500 hours
Fuel Consumption 2.30 gal/hr at 50% load
Alternator Brushless Stamford
Output Voltage 220~400V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Factor 0.8


Key Features:

  • Standby Capacity: 40 kVA ensures that your operations keep running even when main power sources fail.
  • Prime Capacity: Delivers a powerful 40 kVA / 32kW to meet your primary power requirements.
  • Speed: Operates at an optimal speed of 1500 rpm, assuring efficient performance without straining the engine.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Can generate an impressive 0.3 kWh (unit) of electricity using just one liter of diesel. Ideal for longer operational hours without frequent refueling.
  • Continuous Operation: Designed for endurance, this generator can run uninterruptedly for up to 500 hours, making it suitable for critical applications and prolonged power outages.
  • Fuel Consumption: Uses 2.30 gal/hr of diesel at a 50 percent load, offering an optimal balance between performance and economy.
  • Alternator: Features a reliable, brushless Stamford alternator, known for its longevity and consistent performance.
  • Output Voltage: Versatile voltage range from 220V to 400V caters to a wide range of appliances and machinery.
  • Frequency: Standard 50 Hz frequency ensures compatibility with most equipment in the Bangladesh market.
  • Power Factor: Comes with a 0.8 power factor, ensuring efficient power delivery.
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৳ 420,000.00

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