Floor Cleaner Multi-Functional Scrubbing Machine (Neutech) HY-005

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Attribute Specification
Brand Neutech
Model HY005
Motor Rpm 154
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 1100W
Power Line Length 12m
Base Plate Diameter 18”
Tank Capacity 8 L
Pad Diameter 17”
Net Weight 48kg

You were introducing the Neutech HY-005 Floor Cleaner: a cutting-edge, multi-functional cleaning machine designed to revolutionize your floor maintenance routine. This powerful and versatile device is engineered for superior performance in various environments, from industrial floors to the comfort of your home.

Efficiency Unleashed:

With a robust 154 RPM motor, the HY-005 effortlessly conquers dirt and grime on various surfaces. Its 17-inch pad diameter ensures broad coverage, making quick work of cleaning tasks without compromising on effectiveness.

Adaptable Cleaning Power:

From industrial settings to household environments, this floor cleaner is your adaptable cleaning ally. The 1100W power rating guarantees consistent and reliable performance, while the 8-liter tank capacity minimizes the need for frequent refills.

User-Friendly Design:

Featuring a convenient butterfly handle, the HY-005 ensures ergonomic and user-friendly operation. Navigating through spaces becomes a breeze, and the 12-meter power line length provides flexibility, allowing you to reach every corner effortlessly.

Sturdy and Dependable:

Crafted by Neutech and synonymous with quality, the HY-005 is built to last. With a solid 18-inch base plate and a net weight of 48kg, this floor cleaner is stable and durable, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

Elevate Your Cleaning Experience:

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Neutech HY-005 Floor Cleaner. Whether maintaining an industrial space or keeping your home pristine, this machine brings efficiency, power, and reliability to your fingertips. Experience the future of floor cleaning with Neutech’s innovative technology.

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Floor Cleaner Multi-Functional Scrubbing Machine (Neutech) HY-005

৳ 75,000.00

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