Solar Panel – SHARK 540 – Mono Perc, 144 Cells, Half Cut

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Product Description:

Wattage (Wp) 540 watt
Voltage at max power (Vmp) 40.73 volts
Current at max power (Imax) 13.26 amps
Open circuit voltage (VoC) 49.34 volts
Short circuit current (Isc) 13.96 amps
Number of Cells 144

Shark – As the name indicates, It’s one of world’s most powerful and advanced technology product which limited companies across the world have seen it. SHARK 540 is a 540 watt – 10 Bus Bar, 144 Cells, Super High-efficiency Solar PV Modules that is made of Pure Mono Perc Cell technology in love with Germany.

If you are looking for making your home solar powered – Just add 2 Nos. of Shark panels on your existing Inverter battery with Fusion Mppt controller.

and if your purpose is to go solar without battery, then use Shark Solar panels with any on grid inverter.



More Details:

Output Power 540 Watts
Space Requirement 28 sq. feet
Operating Voltage 24 Volt
Panel Technology Mono PERC
Manufacturer warranty 10 year on manufacturing defects
Performance Warranty 25 Years
Additional Features 6th Generation Monocrystalline Solar Cell (PID FREE) from Germany
Cell Conversion efficiency > 22%
Compliance with IEC standards


Solar Panel - SHARK 540 - Mono Perc, 144 Cells, Half Cut

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