Sand Supplier In Bangladesh

As a leading building and construction company, we are offering all kinds of sand as per your requirement. We are known as the best Sylhet sand suppliers and river sand supplier in Bangladesh.

Well, we all know that sand is there very basic material for construction. When you are planning to build a construction you need to ensure the best quality sands. Then again, we can ensure that you will find the best quality sands form us as you want. We supply a variety of sands like river sand, silica sands, sylhet sand, plastering sands many more.

In addition, we supply clean, quality, and dust-free sand that you can use any application as you want. Moreover, we source our sands form the best sands manufacturer company in Bangladesh and many other places like the Sylhet sand market. You will find the best quality sands in Dhaka and all over the country. If you found sylhet sand supplier in Dhaka or silica sand supplier, was can supply as much you want.

Things you Need to Know for Buying Quality Sand

We have listed here some important things that you should know about the sand used in construction works. For the procurement of sand, the following things to be carefully noticed.

  • Sands shall be hard, strong, dense, and durable, clean with uncoated grains.
  • The maximum size of the particles shall be 4.75 mm (3/l6 in) and shall be graded down.
  • Sands shall not contain any harmful materials such as iron, Pyrites, coal, mica, silt, clay, alkali, seashells organic impurities, loam, etc. or in case of reinforced concrete work, any materials which might attack the reinforcement or detrimental to concrete.

If you need more information please don’t hesitate to call us. You will also found many other construction materials by visiting our segmented category.


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