Window Blinds

Window Blind Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, window blind prices vary depending on their type and features. Vertical blinds generally range from 55 to 95 Taka per square foot. Roller blinds, appreciated for their sleek design, fall between 135 and 145 Taka per square foot. Double roller/zebra blinds, offering both style and function, typically cost between 185 and 195 Taka per square foot. For precise pricing, please contact us directly or request a call back.

Feature Vertical Roller Double Roller/Zebra
Light Control Sun Screen / Blackout Sun Screen / Blackout Sun Screen / Blackout
Sun Screen Option 80 Taka/sq ft 130 Taka/sq ft 180 Taka/sq ft
Blackout Option 90 Taka/sq ft 140 Taka/sq ft 190 Taka/sq ft
Frame Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum


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Moreover, Our experts will try to guide you through selecting the appropriate window covering, color, and style to suit your home and budget. It’s time to beautify your office or home with various designs and color blinds in Dhaka.

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