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Looking for Best Landscape Design and Building Company in Bangladesh?

Nirmaan is a full-service landscape company catering to the landscape needs of both commercial and residential. We provide services in the field of enhanced commercial and residential landscaping across Dhaka and other parts of Bangladesh. We also offer a diverse range of creative products along with the expert guidance of our professionals to choose or customize them and select a perfect match for you and your land.

Moreover, as a leading, landscape design firm in Dhaka, we have a professional team of Engineers and Horticulturists. We started this landscaping company to cater to the Landscape Industry in Bangladesh. We emphasize mainly the Hardscape & Softscape part of landscape projects in Bangladesh. During our time as landscapers and garden people, we have executed big and small projects alike.

In addition, we are providing services like landscape design plans for small yeard, landscape design plans backyard, landscape design plans backyard, landscape design for front yard.

How Much Does Landscaping Cost in Bangladesh?

Landscaping in Bangladesh can vary widely in cost, influenced by the scope of work, the complexity of the design, the type of equipment used, and the level of beautification desired. Generally, landscaping services in Bangladesh can range from 1,50,000 Tk to 50,00,000 Tk. For those requiring the expertise of a landscape designer, the cost is approximately 1,000 Tk per hour for an experienced planner and designer.

Here is an average cost table for various types of landscaping services in Bangladesh, based on per square foot pricing:

Service Cost (per square foot)
Terrace Gardening 2,000 Tk
Organic Gardening 1,900 Tk
Landscaping 4,500 Tk
General Maintenance 1,500 Tk

Detailed Breakdown:

  1. Terrace Gardening (2,000 Tk per sq. ft.)
    • Terrace gardening involves creating a garden on a terrace or rooftop. It requires specialized techniques and materials to ensure proper drainage, soil maintenance, and plant care. The cost reflects the need for robust construction to handle weight and exposure to the elements.
  2. Organic Gardening (1,900 Tk per sq. ft.)
    • Organic gardening focuses on using natural and sustainable practices, avoiding synthetic chemicals, and promoting biodiversity. This cost includes the use of organic soil, compost, natural pest control methods, and heirloom plants.
  3. Landscaping (4,500 Tk per sq. ft.)
    • General landscaping encompasses a wide range of services, from designing and planting to hardscaping features like pathways, water features, and outdoor lighting. The high cost is due to the intricate planning, skilled labor, and quality materials required to create aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces.
  4. General Maintenance (1,500 Tk per sq. ft.)
    • Maintenance services include regular care such as mowing, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, and pest control to keep the landscape healthy and attractive. This cost is reflective of ongoing labor and material expenses.

When planning your landscaping project, it is essential to consider these average costs and adjust your budget according to your specific needs and the scale of your project. Whether you are looking to enhance a small terrace garden or undertake a comprehensive landscaping overhaul, understanding these costs will help you make informed decisions and achieve the best results within your budget.

What is Landscape? 

The landscape is a concept that includes the physical environment and people’s perception and appreciation of that environment. It is not restricted to the purely visual but may comprise and encompass the ways in which individuals and communities perceive the natural and physical resources, as through traditions, lore, and legends that express the significant and memorable elements of a landscape.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the work of making specific kinds of places outdoors. It could be designing a town square or a playground—even a whole city. It could be designing a pond to make it better for frogs, turtles, fish, and birds. Some kinds of landscape architecture are easy to see, like a park. Other kinds may look completely wild, like a meadow or a mountainside. Landscape architecture is dedicated to the design of healthy environments and communities, and to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of people.

Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage and nurture the built and natural environments. Landscape architects have a significant impact on communities and quality of life. They design parks, houses, offices, hospitals, trails, plazas, and other projects in Bangladesh that help define a community.

Benefits of Landscaping 

Do you have a nice outdoor space to retreat to at your home or business? If not, it’s something worth considering. In fact, a beautifully landscaped lawn can make a world of difference for your family or customers. It will boost curb appeal, improve the first impression, and generate positive feelings.

Here are the top benefits of Landscaping in Bangladesh

  • Grass and Trees Provide Cooler Temperatures: A simple grass lawn is cooler than asphalt, cement, and even bare soil. With grass radiating cooler temperatures all around your home or business, you can actually lower your air-conditioning needs. The heat coming up from the grounds can make you feel miserably hot. Planting more grass and trees in these areas can help! The cooling effects of grass and shady trees lower the overall temperature of urban areas, making it more pleasant to be outside.
  • Landscapes Offer Economic Benefits: Did you know that businesses that have high-quality landscapes tend to be more successful? It’s true! Customers claim to spend more money on goods and services if the commercial building has a high-quality tree canopy, and shoppers say they’re willing to travel long distances to shop in a district with better landscaping.
    As a homeowner in Bangladesh, you are looking for ways to gain the best benefit for your investment. When you landscape your yard, you can rest assured that your investment will increase your home’s market value.
  • Landscapes are Good for the Air and Water: Another interesting fact supporting landscapes with trees is that one tree can also supply enough oxygen for four people every day. With the storm season in full swing, lush landscapes can actually help. They act as stormwater runoff buffers, reducing the flow of sediments and pollutants to nearby bodies of water. In effect, plants help filter out pollution from the water on its way to a city’s source of drinking water.

Best Landscaping design service in Bangladesh 

  • Terrace: Finish your hectic day with some soothing and relaxing moments in a beautifully designed Terrace Garden. It can also act as the perfect place to hang out with your friends and family.
  • Portico: Has a liking for the Roman-styled Portico garden? Garden Work can help you out. A Portico Garden not only enhances the floral splendor of your gardens but also acts as a shade for your entrance.
  • Veranda: Growing plants in your veranda let children and the elderly enjoy the beauty of a garden within your residence. You can also transform the boring veranda of your workplace into a beautiful Veranda Garden.
  • Home: One of the advantages of a Home Garden is that you can have easy access to fresh food whenever you feel like it. More than enjoyment, a home garden offers a feeling of satisfaction for its residents.
  • Factory: A Factory Garden or a garden at your workplace can help to soothe your nerves when there are deadlines to meet. An open mind and fresh eyes can help you achieve the targets quickly.
  • Home And Office Decoration: Taking the aid of plants, we can beautify the rooms of our homes and offices. Since you spend the majority of your time in either of these places, beautiful surroundings can aid to uplift your mood.
  • Streetscaping: Streetscaping has numerous benefits for the residents of a community. Traveling becomes easy and safe as a wisely planned design minimizes traffic.

Why Nirmaan is the Ideal Choice for Landscaping 

We are the best landscape constructor in Bangladesh.

  1. Have experience in working for both, commercial and residential projects.
  2. Have a close discussion with our clients regarding their requirements and budget, before crafting out the perfect plan for them.
  3. Maintainance services are provided at a nominal rate to make your experience of greener living more comfortable and hassle-free.
  4. Customers are provided with a sketch of the landscape plan on acceptance of the design fee proposal.
  5. Plantation of trees, shrubs, fruits, orchids, bonsai, vegetables, or transplanting, we can help with all.

So, if you are thinking about hiring a landscaping company in Dhaka we are the best choice for you. We are the leading Landscaping Company in Dhaka with expertise in Landscape Architect & Gardening Design. We have been maintaining its commitment towards quality, value for money, loyalty, customer delight & outstanding services. We take pride in providing customized solutions in landscaping and gardening to different business segments such as developers, hotels, health care providers, institutions, parks & private residences in Bangladesh.

Dedicated staff members, at all levels, displayed exuberant skills in landscape designing and landscape architecture which helped us to build an unparalleled reputation in understanding customer requirements to its core, displayed a great emphasis on customer satisfaction.


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