Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring with Nirmaan

Are you searching for Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring in Bangladesh? As a leading flooring company in Bangladesh, we are providing a wide range of homogeneous PVC flooring with different colors and textures.  You will find the best quality homogeneous PVC floor from us. Furthermore, we have already completed too many major commercial projects in Bangladesh. You will find professional installation services along with flooring products.

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring 

Homogeneous PVC floor is a very popular type of Vinyl flooring, is composed of a or more layers of the same material composition and the same color, and pattern throughout the thickness. It’s made of 45 – 55% PVC, 15 – 20% plasticizers, 25 – 35% fillers, and 2 – 5% pigments, stabilizers, and additives mixed. Then the mixture is rolled out into sheets in a rapid operation under high heat on a calendar. It is mostly available in roll, so it also is called Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring in Bangladesh.

Advantages of Using Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Here are some benefits of using homogeneous non-slip vinyl flooring in Bangladesh are given below.

  • Endurance

The most mentionable advantage of Hospital PVC flooring is its ability to endure. Moreover, it can duplicate high-end floors in appearance. Another thing is Homogenous vinyl flooring ingredients glue and copper are relatively cheap and can be installed more easily.

  • Moisture resistance

This flooring is moisture resistant so it can be used in almost any place in the home or all types of commercial spaces in Bangladesh.

  • Easy to clean

Homogeneous flooring is very easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. Because its surface is made of UV coated layer which protects it from water-related damage.

  • Quick and easy installation process

It can be easily installed on any type of existing floor. It just needs a level surface of concrete net finishing.

  • Comfortable

This type of flooring is a resilient type of flooring which means that the texture of this type of flooring is soft.  That’s why when you walk on it, it makes for a good walking platform.


In Bangladesh, homogeneous PVC flooring is widely used in many sectors including,

  • Hospital and healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Office and Modular Structures
  • Storage and service areas
  • Education and Laboratories
  • Sports, such as gym
  • Commercial Areas
  • Industrial premises and workshops
  • Server Rooms, etc


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