Wall Coating

Painting Service with Silk Plaster wall covering in Bangladesh

People are tired of common wallpapers and paints in Bangladesh. That is why it is our mission now to substitute boring and non-ecological materials with Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper.

We offer ecological material from SILK which looks luxury on the walls and creates very expensive interior but per small investments. People prefer to have an exclusive design of their apartment.

About Silk Plaster Wall Coating

Wall Coating materials are made from biodegradable fibers that do not harm us or the environment. It also helps keep the room warm during winters and cool during summers as it has insulating properties. Moreover, it has also been used by a number of companies as a soundproofing measure.

A new revolution in the interior design industry in Bangladesh, NIRMAAN also comes with various different kinds of shades, a few of which you can browse through in the colors available. We have over 100 different shades, and specific colors can be made to order.

This Silk Plaster Wall Coating in Bangladesh is more popular in feature wall interior design and canvas can be supplied in the exact same color and texture as your feature wall.

Direction for Use

  1. Take as much of the Arcade wall coating Powder as you need and put it in a container big enough to mix the product in.
  2. Add 6 to 7 liters (approx.) of water for each kilogram of wall coating Powder.
  3. Mix the powder and water together for 15 to 20 minutes until you get a consistency like dough.
  4. Leave the mixture to set for 90 minutes before using it.
  5. After 90 minutes mix the set product again.
  6. Apply the mixed product to the wall surface using a trowel.
  7. Depending on the ventilation, the temperature and humidity of your room should be completely dry in 36 to 48.

    How to apply silk plaster wall covering in your wall.nirmaan

Application Area

Decorative application for walls and ceilings at the Star Hotel guesthouse and recreation area in Bangladesh. Also, it is a perfect product for inner walls in villas and high-quality houses, family rooms, bedrooms and background walls.

Painting service with Nirmaan

With years of experience in Building and Construction related things in Bangladesh, we are providing painting services for home painting, industrial painting, commercial painting, residential painting both interior and exterior.

We have the best quality of painting related products in Bangladesh. We constantly develop and improve its textures and colors, following the fashion in design. Today our company produces more than 400 different colors of Silk Plaster liquid wall coating with unusual textures.

Call us or go to our Painting department so that you can choose from a wide range of collections and colors of paint-related products.


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