1000 kVA Perkins Diesel Generator ( Open Type)

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Prime Power 1000 kVA
Brand Perkins
Colling System Water Cooling
Frequency 50 Hz
Noise Level Silent
Tank Capacity 1300 Litre
Rated Voltage 226/453V

The Perkins-powered is a 1000kVA three-phase open-type silent canopy. Complete with Crossley SLG series single bearing, 4-pole, brushless alternator, remote start/stop control system, 1300-liter fuel tank, weather protective acoustic canopy, and Perkins engine. Perkins powered generating sets are fully integrated power generation systems that are stringently tested to provide optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for standby applications

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Open Type

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1000 kVA Perkins Diesel Generator ( Open Type)

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