Acoustical Clouds/Baffles

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Technical Specification

Base Material: GI, Aluminum
Available in: Plain & perforated
Size: 150mmx12.5mm, 150mmx17mm (150 F) 84 mm x 16 mm (84 R) 84/184 mm x 12.5 mm (84C & 184C) 200mmx17mm deep all size roll formed
Thickness: 0.5 mm in steel & 0.6 in aluminum
Colors: Global Global white ( customized colors available through powder coating)
NRC: 0.5 (in perforated)
Perforation: 1.8 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm



  • Auditoriums, Convention Centers
  • Cultural Centers, Industrial Space, Offices
  • Cinema Hall, Multipurpose Halls, Malls
  • Studio, Study room, Workshops


The panels to be suspended individually using the soundscapes fixed spring anchors kit, use innovative spring anchors kit, the easy kit can find fixing position on the panel efficiently, spring anchor can be screwed into suspended panel clockwise. Each panel to be suspended using the aircraft cables which are suspended from the soffit using the grippers structure anchors and its other end passing through bottom end cable adjuster.


  • Excellent Sound absorption ( NRC 0.9 )
  • Highly Aesthetic & decorative
  • Humidity & fire resistant
  • Durable & easy installation


The maintenance instruction & recommendations to remove dust, pen marks, stains are as follows –

  • Use smooth brush or vacuum cleaner for any type of dust or dirt particles. Ensure to clean in one direction only.
  • Use fresh good quality cleaner for removing pen marks or smudges. Ensure to clean in one direction only.
  • Use volatile solvent based cleaner for oil based stains. Ensure to clean in one direction only


  • 10 years warranty for credence HIVE panel
  • Please refer to warranty dossier for warranty clauses & terms
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Acoustical Clouds/Baffles

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