Escalator / Walkways

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Product Specifications

Material: Stainless Still and Aluminum

Applications: Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, etc

Thread Position: Horizontal

Step Width: 600mm/800mm


Product Description

These are made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum. These have linked steps which move up or down on racks. This keeps the treads in a horizontal position. These escalator lifts are power-driven and have a continuous moving stairway. These are used in malls, hotels, bug restaurants, etc for short vertical distances.

Escalator and walkways with Nirmaan

We have been leading the industry in importing a large range of material handling equipment and associated spare parts in Bangladesh.

We are an expert team of Escalators suppliers in Bangladesh and have delivered a range of projects. These Escalators products are the systems that operate electrically & are continuously moving staircase & transport the people to one upper or lower floor without stepping.

Our products are corrosion resistant, have a high load-bearing capacity, are ruggedly constructed and abrasion-resistant.

Furthermore, we possess highly advanced manufacturing techniques with which manufacture these products. Moreover, We provide these in various sizes and capacities, as well as offer customization as per the clients’ requirements. We are a client-centric organization, and we focus on offering superior quality products with ethical business dealings.

For more details please feel free to contact us. Call us or visit our lift and elevator section so that you can gather more information about our escalator and other products related to lifts.

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Escalator / Walkways