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Elephant type broom is a hand-held vacuum cleaner used by municipalities to clean parks and gardens. It can sweep garbage such as beverage boxes, leaves, butts in a short time.


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Elephant type broom: It is a hand-held vacuum cleaner used by factories, hospitals, schools and hotels for cleaning indoor and outdoor areas and used by municipalities to clean parks and gardens. Its maneuverability is extremely advanced and provides superior mobility to its user.

Cleanvac ST 240 B model hand-operated vacuum cleaner; With its high vacuum flow, it is able to sweep garbage such as drink box, leaf, butts in a short time. It is a kind of cleaning tool. There is a pulverized irrigation system in order to prevent dusting in the hopper. In places with a high inclination, the safe braking system on the wheels is activated, providing extremely safe use to the staff in charge.


With its environmental structure, it protects your business and protects your pocket with its economic structure. Cleanvac ST 240 B can be produced as battery-powered or it can be produced with fuel system upon request.

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