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Road sweeper is a municipal service vehicle used for street sweeping purposes. Cleanvac road sweepers are produced in three different models: electric, hybrid and diesel. 


Road Sweeper

Road sweeper is a municipal service vehicle used for street sweeping purposes. They are cleaning machines with wide usage areas. Cleanvac ST series road sweeping vehicles are produced in three different models: electric, hybrid and diesel. Their ergonomic designs, 360-degree maneuverability, and high-performance economical capability make Cleanvac street sweepers three steps ahead in its field.

Electric Road Sweeping Vehicles

Since electrical models are environmentally friendly, their majority usage areas are; universities, hotels, holiday districts, factories, and hospitals in Bangladesh. The biggest advantage is that the cost of use is low compared to the fuel system. They are extremely environmentally friendly as they do not emit harmful gases. It is a traffic-friendly vehicle since it does not disrupt vehicle traffic while working on streets and streets. In the road sweeping machine models, which operate entirely with electrical parts, the vacuum engine also operates with electricity.

Hybrid Street Sweeping Machines

Cleanvac hybrid street sweeping machine models, on the other hand, exhibit an environmentally friendly working principle like other models thanks to the electric motors used in walking motors. Vacuum motors, on the other hand, work with a fueled system and show high performance during sweeping. Hybrid machines are the most preferred models in the world in order to minimize the damage caused by the diesel-powered engine and the budget they spend. Usage principles are briefly based on the use of both the fuel engine and the electric motor.

Diesel Street Sweeping Vehicles

Diesel street sweeper models are generally used for cleaning very large areas. Public institutions and municipalities are those who prefer the fuel system. Due to the absence of restrictions such as charge usage time, it can clean without stopping for long hours. Street sweeping vehicles powered by fuel systems are produced compactly up to a certain capacity. The superstructure system of the vehicles you supply us for your demands with a capacity of 6 m³ is modified as a vacuum street sweeping machine. Before obtaining a vehicle, please consult our specialists and get information.

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