LED Video Wall Screen

  • 3D Digital Signage

    Feature Description
    Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
    Use Advertising, shopping mall, self-service business, exhibition hall, restaurant & hotel, education, etc.
    Specification Video Wall
    Color Full color
    Supplier Type Original manufacturer, ODM, OEM
    Media Available Datasheet, Photo, EDA/CAD Models, Other
    Model Number LBID–1
    Function SDK
    Touch Screen Type Customized
    HS Code 8528591090
    Resolution 128*128 dots/Panel
    Product Name LED Billboard
    Keyword 3D Digital Signage Billboard
    Brightness ≥6500cd/m2
    Life Span ≥100,000 hours
    Cabinet Material Die-casting Aluminum
    Cabinet Weight 35KG
    Package Size 960*960mm
    Warranty 5 Years
  • Indoor Poster LED Display

    Feature Description
    Display size 640x1600mm, 640x1760mm, 640x1920mm, 576x1920mm
    Pixel pitch P1.8/P2/P2.5, P3
    Lamp SMD1515, SMD2020
    Brightness 3840HZ (Note: This value seems unlikely to be brightness. It might be a typo or refer to something else entirely)
    Refresh rate 3840HZ (Note: Same as Brightness)
    Industry-specific attributes Application: Indoor, Outdoor; Advertising Type: LED
  • Indoor Vertical Floor Stand Kiosk

    Feature Description
    Touch Screen Type Resistive
    Screen Technology LCD
    Interface Type USB
    OS Windows
    RAM 4GB
    Brightness 800nits
    Screen IPS Full HD, Wide Screen
    Transport Package Wooden Box
    Specification 55 inch
    Trademark Zhongheng/OEM/ODM
    Origin China
    HS Code 8528591090
  • Information Kiosk

    Feature Description
    Display Size 32″ Full HD display
    Touch Technology PCAP (Projected Capacitive) touch technology
    Edge-to-Edge Glass Screen design with edge-to-edge glass for a sleek appearance
    Modular Expandability Modularly expandable with options like a printer, scanner, RFID reader, etc.
    Landscape Orientation Equipped with a Full HD touchscreen in landscape orientation
    Model PT-KIOSK-EM32L

    Information Kiosk

    ৳ 210,000.00
  • Outdoor Movable LCD Digital Poster

    Feature Description
    Touch Screen Type Resistive
    Screen Technology LCD
    Interface Type USB
    Remote Control Without Remote Control
    OS Windows
    Customized Customized
    RAM 4GB
    Brightness 800nits
    Screen IPS Full HD, Wide Screen
    Transport Package Wooden Box
    Specification 55 inch
    Trademark Zhongheng/OEM/ODM
    Origin China
    HS Code 8528591090
  • P10 LED Video Wall Screen for Stadium

    LED P10 Outdoor LED Perimeter, specially designed to elevate the sporting experience in Bangladesh’s vibrant stadiums. With a focus on durability, performance, and visual excellence, this LED perimeter brings the game to life with stunning clarity and brightness.

    Featuring a pixel pitch of 10mm and high brightness SMD3528 LEDs, this LED perimeter ensures exceptional visibility even in bright outdoor environments, making it perfect for football stadiums and sports arenas across Bangladesh. With a refresh rate of 3840Hz, every moment of the game is captured with smoothness and precision.

    Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the aluminum cabinet offers robust protection against weather elements, while the rear service design ensures convenient maintenance. The quick installation feature allows for hassle-free setup, ensuring minimal disruption to the game day experience.

    From live video walls to stadium fence screens, the TBC LED P10 Outdoor LED Perimeter offers versatile applications tailored to the needs of Bangladesh’s sports enthusiasts. With its superior performance and reliability, it’s the perfect choice to enhance the excitement and atmosphere of every sporting event in the country.

  • P3 Indoor LED Video Wall Display Screen

    Brand: TBC LED
    Origin: China
    Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS
    Model: P3

    Product Details:

    Type: Indoor Fixed Installation LED Screen
    Pixel Pitch: P3mm
    Cabinet Size: 960x960mm
    Service: Front Magnetic Service
    Weight: 26kg
    Module Size: 192x192mm
    High Light: 3840Hz Indoor LED Video Wall Display, P3mm LED Video Wall Display, 3840Hz Wall Mount LED Video Wall
    Product Description:

    Refresh Rate: 3840Hz
    Wall Mount Installation
    Steel Cabinet
    Quick detail Of Indoor Fixed LED Screen
    Available Pixel Pitches: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm
    Service Type: Magnetic Front Service
    PSU: MEANWELL or G energy brand
    Ingress Rate: IP43 indoor use and magnetic front service
    Quality Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC, ETL
    Brightness: >800-1000cd/sqm
    Refresh Rate: 1920-3840Hz
    Specification Of Indoor Fixed LED Screen:
    (For P3 model)

    Pixel Configuration: SMD2121
    Pixel Density: 160,000 pixels/m2
    Panel Dimensions: 960 x 960 x 100mm
    Cabinet Resolution: 384 x 384
    Average Power Consumption: 200 W / Sqm
    Max Power Consumption: 650 W / Sqm
    Brightness: >800 nits
    Refresh Rate: >3,840Hz
    Viewing Angle: 160° Vertical, 140° Horizontal
    Scan Method: 1/21 Scan
    Description Of Indoor Fixed LED Screen:

    Features steel wall mount cabinet
    High refresh rate 3840Hz adjustable
    Magnetic modules, front and rear maintenance via magnets
    NOVA Star or Colorlight system options
    Easy installation
    Advantages Of Indoor Fixed LED Video Wall:

    Uniform color, natural picture
    Wide viewing angle
    Energy-saving (≥36%)

Nirmaan Technologies one the Biggest seller of LED Display Wall Screen in Bangladesh. We have various type of LED Screen that can be used for Indoor, and Outdoor. We also have have special LED Cabinet for LED Screen Rental Companies those are used for Event Production. In Bangladesh, LED Big Display Screen mostly used in Outdoor Digital Advertising Board. For Indoor, it is also used in Conference, Meeting, and Auditorium. If you have any specific requirements on Visual solutions please request call back, and our Visual Expert will guide you through the process so that you can select the right LED Screen based on your budget, and needs.

What is LED Video Wall Screen ?

An LED video wall display screen is a significant visual display technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a bright and vibrant visual experience. These screens are commonly used in various applications such as advertising, entertainment, information display, event management and more.

LED Video Wall Screen Price in Bangladesh:

The cost of LED video walls in Bangladesh varies depending on factors like size, resolution, pixel type, and additional features. In Bangladesh, If you are planning to purchase, LED Video Wall Screen Prices usually range from 6,000Tk to 15,000Tk per square foot or 28,000Tk to 50,000Tk per LED Cabinet. If you are looking for short-term rental cost will be 150Tk-300Tk per square foot. It’s important to note that the mentioned prices do not include the LED Screen Video Processor, installation charges, and other necessary accessories. This variation is influenced by the pixel type, resolution, installation type and Dollar rate of that specific time. For personalized assistance and detailed cost information based on your specific requirements, please reach out to our LED Video Wall Screen experts who are ready to guide you. Contact them directly for a comprehensive understanding of the costs associated with your unique needs.

LED Display Wall Screen Price List (2024)

LED Screen Pixel Pitch Price Per Square Foot Usage Example Usage
P 2.5 9950Tk Indoor Fixed Conference Room, Auditorium
P 3 Curved 8800Tk Indoor Conference Room, Auditorium
P 3 8900Tk Indoor Fixed & Rental Conference Room, Auditorium, Event Production
P 4 8400Tk Indoor Fixed Conference Room, Auditorium
P 4 10,400Tk Indoor Fixed & Rental Conference Room, Auditorium, Event Production
P 5 8200Tk Rental Event Production
P 5 5700Tk Outdoor Roadside Billboard, Outdoor Advertising Board

Following are the most important factors you need to know before you purchase LED Video Wall Screen in Bangladesh:

LED Screen Pixel Pitch: Pixel pitch is an important fact that actually means the distance between individual pixels on the LED display. Smaller pixel pitch values result in higher resolution and better image quality.

LED Screen Types: LED video walls can use different types of LEDs, such as SMD (Surface Mount Device) or DIP (Dual In-line Package). SMD is more common in modern displays due to its compact size and better image quality.

LED Screen Resolution: The resolution of an LED video wall is measured by the total number of pixels, both horizontally and vertically. Higher resolution displays result in sharper and clearer images.

LED Screen Brightness and Contrast: LED displays are known for their high brightness, making them suitable for well-lit environments. Brightness is usually calculated in nits, and a higher nit value is desirable for outdoor or brightly lit indoor installations.

LED Screen Contrast: LED Screen Contrast ratio is calculated by the difference between the the most bright and the dark parts of the image. A higher contrast ratio enhances image quality.

LED Screen Color Accuracy: The ability of an LED video wall to reproduce colors accurately is crucial, especially in applications like advertising and content creation. Look for displays that offer a wide color gamut.

LED Screen Modularity: Many LED video walls are modular, allowing for flexibility in size and configuration. Modularity enables users to create custom screen sizes and shapes by combining individual display modules.

LED Screen Refresh Rate: A higher refresh rate ensures smoother motion in videos and reduces motion blur. Common refresh rates for LED video walls range from 60Hz to 120Hz.

LED Screen Durability and Reliability: LED video walls are often installed in commercial or public spaces, so durability is essential. Look for displays with sturdy construction and protection against factors like dust and moisture.

LED Screen Control System: LED video walls are typically controlled by a dedicated system that manages content, scheduling, and other display settings. Ensure compatibility with common control systems and software.

LED Screen Installation and Maintenance: Consider the ease of installation and maintenance. Some LED displays offer front access for maintenance, simplifying the process without requiring the entire display to be disassembled.

LED Screen Content Source and Compatibility: Ensure that the LED video wall is compatible with the sources of content you plan to use, whether it’s a media player, computer, or other devices. Popular applications for LED video walls include digital signage in retail spaces, command and control centers, stadiums, concert venues, and more. When selecting an LED video wall, it’s important to match the specifications to the specific needs of your application.

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