Indoor Poster LED Display

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Feature Description
Display size 640x1600mm, 640x1760mm, 640x1920mm, 576x1920mm
Pixel pitch P1.8/P2/P2.5, P3
Lamp SMD1515, SMD2020
Brightness 3840HZ (Note: This value seems unlikely to be brightness. It might be a typo or refer to something else entirely)
Refresh rate 3840HZ (Note: Same as Brightness)
Industry-specific attributes Application: Indoor, Outdoor; Advertising Type: LED

Capture attention and elevate your brand message indoors with high-resolution Indoor Poster LED Displays from Nirmaan Technologies located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These sleek, digital displays offer a dynamic alternative to static posters, grabbing eyes and boosting engagement. Present crystal-clear images, high-definition videos, and captivating animations to showcase your brand, promote products, or share event information. Lightweight and portable, these displays are ideal for conferences, trade shows, retail spaces, and more. Imagine: guests stopping to admire vibrant visuals, enhancing the overall event experience. Upgrade your visual communication strategy with Indoor Poster LED Displays and make a lasting impression.


Indoor Poster LED Display

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