10 Hole Bricks

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Product Specifications 

Type Brick
Usage/Application Construction & Other
Unit of Measure Pieces
Size & Colour Custom
Brick Type 10 Hole




Product Features 

  • This brick has the maximum capacity to bind with cement.
  • Uniformity in color, size, and shape.
  • This brick is free from cracks and other flaws such as air bubbles, stone nodules, etc.
  • According to the BUET test report, the compressive strength of this brick is more than 5000 PSI and water absorption is 3.6%.
  • This brick has the ability to withstand pressure, wear & tear which increases the durability of the building.
  • This brick does not change in volume when soaked in water.
  • Makes the building heat/fire resistant.
  • Prevents sound pollution & weather resistant
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