Automatic Carpet Washing Machine BRS-B

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About Machine 

Table type carpet washing machine BRS-B series is produced with 260, 320 and 420 cm bandwidth options. It is generally preferred by entrepreneurs who set up new businesses because of being economical.


More Information about Table Type Carpet Washing Machine

Automatic carpet washing machines, which are among the new generation, developing technology products, are highly functional and useful cleaning tools used by specialized cleaning companies. Automatic carpet washing machine in our country as in many developed countries of the world usage is increasing day by day. 

Good advantages are gained thanks to the economical consumption of electricity, automatic carpet washing machines that provide a much quieter, performance service. Washing processes that will take many days provide much faster, time-saving and much more hygienic cleaning. Using the market’s state-of-the-art advanced products and devices, Cleanvac automatic table type carpet washing machine is used to clean large-scale and solid fabric carpets both much cleaner and much faster, with little effort and effort.

Basic Models 

  • Cleanvac BRS 260 B – It has a bandwidth of 260 cm and 4 disc brushes.
  • Cleanvac BRS 320 B – 320 cm bandwidth and 4 disc brushes.
  • Cleanvac BRS 420 B – It has 420 cm bandwidth and 5 disc brushes.


Cleanvac, which produces industrial cleaning machines and electric vehicles, and many cleaning and industrial processes that spend many days of work and cost today, much faster, much lower costs and higher thanks to the convenience and savings-oriented, state-of-the-art cleaning tools required by the market. quality is provided. Advantages of Cleanvac table type carpet washing machine they are machines that provide high savings and ease of operation compared to other washing machines and cleaning tools. 

Today, many washing and cleaning, energy and time saving, work and cost-saving are just some of the advantages of an automatic carpet washing machine even in single-scale processes. Thanks to the automatic carpet washing machine with aesthetic, stylish and fast processing power in terms of usage, much more washing output can be obtained with much less workforce.

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