Carpet Tiles (JO 2)

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Product Specifications

Type Carpet Tiles
Size 25 x 100 cm
Thickness 2 mm
Measuring Unit SQF
Origin India
Features Soundproof and Washable

Maintenance Guide

  • Vacuuming is the most important carpet cleaning procedure in Bangladesh.
  • Effective vacuuming prevents dust and other things from spreading through the carpet tile.
  • Proper and regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of a carpet tile and also help to maintain its appearance.
  • For a heavily soiled carpet tile, professional carpet cleaning is recommended.
  • Technically, carpet tile pigments are better, but colors may fade. If possible the carpet tile should be protected from intense, direct sunlight.
  • To reduce excessive dust and wear in high traffic areas, maintain mats at all entrances. These must be cleaned and related regularly.


Carpet Tiles (JO 2)

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