Cold Water High Pressure Washer Medium (Nilfisk) MC 4M-140/620

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Product Name Cold Water High Pressure Washer Medium (Nilfisk) MC 4M-140/620
Brand Nilfisk
Model No MC 4M-140/620
Power Supply 230 volt 1 phase
Power Consumption 2.9 kW
Pump Pressure 140 bar/14 MPa
Cleaning Impact (kg/force) 2.8
Motor Specification 1450 RPM
Water/Steam Outlet Temperature 60 Degree C
Water Flow Rate (l/h) 620/580
Dimensions (LWH) 382x382x1017 mm
Electronic Cable 5 M
Nozzle Size 25/035
Ceramic Coated Pistons 3
Weight 39 kg
Recommended Avg Hours of Use per Day 4
Coupling Included
Single-phase Included
Compact Design Included
Spray Gun Holder Included
Cable Hook, Turnable Included
Oil Sight Outside Cabinet Included
Direct Start/Stop Included



Introducing the Nilfisk MC 4M-140/620 High-Pressure Washer, a versatile and powerful cleaning solution designed to elevate your pressure washing experience. Crafted under the esteemed Nilfisk brand, this medium-duty model combines robust performance, user-friendly features, and a compact design to deliver exceptional results for both residential and commercial applications.

Powerful Cleaning Performance:

With a 2.9 kW power consumption and a 140 bar/14 MPa pump pressure, the MC 4M-140/620 effortlessly tackles dirt and grime with a substantial cleaning impact of 2.8 kg/force. The 1450 RPM motor ensures a consistent and powerful cleaning performance, making it suitable for various cleaning tasks.

Adaptable Water Flow and Temperature Control:

Featuring a water flow rate of 620/580 liters per hour and a water/steam outlet temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, this high-pressure washer adapts to varying cleaning needs. The 5-meter electronic cable enhances flexibility during operation, providing convenience for various cleaning scenarios.

Durable and User-Friendly Design:

Constructed with three ceramic-coated pistons, the MC 4M-140/620 ensures durability and longevity, even in demanding cleaning environments. The compact design, with dimensions of 382x382x1017 mm, offers ease of maneuverability and storage, making it a convenient solution for tight spaces.

Intelligent Features for Enhanced User Experience:

Equipped with a 25/035 nozzle size for versatile cleaning, the MC 4M-140/620 includes features such as a spray gun holder, a turnable cable hook for added convenience, and an oil sight outside the cabinet for easy maintenance. The direct start/stop function streamlines operation for an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Reliable for Extended Use:

With a weight of 39 kg and a recommended average of 4 hours per day, this high-pressure washer is built to withstand frequent and extended usage, ensuring reliability and consistent performance.

Complete Cleaning Package:

The MC 4M-140/620 includes essential features such as a coupling, single-phase power supply, and a compact design for ease of use. This high-pressure washer is designed to be your go-to solution for achieving spotless surfaces with minimal effort.

Elevate your cleaning standards with the Nilfisk MC 4M-140/620 High-Pressure Washer – a reliable and robust choice for professionals and homeowners seeking efficiency, durability, and exceptional results. Invest in the future of high-pressure cleaning with Nilfisk.

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Cold Water High Pressure Washer Medium (Nilfisk) MC 4M-140/620

৳ 153,745.00৳ 155,000.00 (-1%)

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