Small High Pressure Washer (Nilfisk) MC 2C-120/520

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Product Name High Pressure Washer (Nilfisk) MC 2C-120/520
Brand Nilfisk
Model No MC 2C-120/520
Power Supply 230 volt 1 phase
Power Consumption 2.3 kW
Pump Pressure 120 bar/12 MPa
Cleaning Impact (kg/force) 2.2
Motor Specification 2800 RPM
Chemical Tank Capacity 2 L
Water/Steam Outlet Temperature 60 Degree C
Water Flow Rate (l/h) 520/470
Electronic Cable 5M
Nozzle Size 0.0350
Stainless Steel Pistons 3
Dimensions (LWH) 394x391x955 mm
Weight 27 kg
Single-phase Included
Ergo Accessory System Included
Compact Design Included
Brass Cylinder Head Included
Automatic Start/Stop Included
Water Flow Regulation Included



Introducing the Nilfisk MC 2C-120/520 Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washer – a dynamic cleaning solution designed to redefine your pressure washing experience. Proudly crafted by Nilfisk in China, this high-performance model combines power, efficiency, and user-friendly features to deliver outstanding residential and commercial cleaning results.

Powerful Cleaning Performance: Driven by a robust 2.3 kW power consumption and a 120 bar/12 MPa pump pressure, the MC 2C-120/520 effortlessly tackles dirt and grime with a cleaning impact of 2.2 kg/force. The 2800 RPM motor ensures a consistent and powerful cleaning performance.

Versatile Water Flow and Temperature Control: Boasting a water flow rate of 520/470 liters per hour and a water/steam outlet temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, this pressure washer adapts to various cleaning requirements. The included 5-meter electronic cable provides flexibility and convenience during operation.

Innovative Design and Construction: Designed with user convenience in mind, the MC 2C-120/520 features a compact design with dimensions of 394x391x955 mm, making it easy to maneuver and store. Including stainless steel pistons (3 in total) and a brass cylinder head ensures durability and longevity, even in demanding cleaning environments.

Intelligent Features for Ease of Use: Equipped with an Ergo accessory system, the pressure washer simplifies the user experience, providing a streamlined approach to handling various cleaning tasks. The automatic start/stop function, water flow regulation, and a nozzle size of 0.0350 contribute to an efficient and user-friendly cleaning process.

Complete Package: The MC 2C-120/520 includes essential features such as a 2-liter chemical tank, a 27 kg weight for portability, and a single-phase power supply for ease of use. This pressure washer is designed to be your reliable cleaning companion, ensuring exceptional results with each use. Invest in the future of efficient and powerful cleaning with the Nilfisk MC 2C-120/520 Mobile Cold Water Pressure Washer. Whether tackling residential tasks or commercial projects, this pressure washer is your go-to solution for a pristine and spotless finish.

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Small High Pressure Washer (Nilfisk) MC 2C-120/520

৳ 100,000.00৳ 100,520.00 (-1%)

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