Industrial Rider On Scrubber (800)

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Product Specifications 

Origin USA
Air Technology/Broom Technology Broom Technology
Application Indoor, Outdoor, Indoor & Outdoor
Dump Type High Dump
Estimated Run Time Continuous
Main Brush Dimension 50 inch/1270 mm
Sound Level As low as 81 dBA +/- 3dBA (G/LP), 83 dBA +/- 3dBA (Diesel)
Propelling Speed Up to 10 mph/ 16 km/h
Swed Technology Direct Throw
Cleaning Path 66 inch/ 1675 mm, 82 inch/ 2080mm
Hopper Capacity 30 cubic ft/ 850 L
Dust Control System Dry
Estimated Coverage Up to 137280 sq ft/ 12760 sq m
Machine Type Ride-On
Power Source Gas, LPG, Diesel
Side Bush Dimension 26 inch/660 mm
Service Plans Gold, Silver, Pay as You Go, Safety Inspection, Block of Time
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More Specifications

    • Propelling Speed: Up to 10 mph / 16 km/h
    • Sweep Technology: Direct Throw
    • Cleaning Path: 66 in / 1675 mm, 82 in /2080 mm
    • Hopper Capacity: 30 cubic ft / 0.8 cubic m
    • Dust Control Systems: Dry
    • Estimated Coverage/Productivity: Up to 137280 sq ft / 12760 sq m
    • Machine Type: Rider
    • Estimated Run Time: Continuous
  • Main Brush Dimensions: 50 in / 1270 mm
  • Sound Level: As low as 81 dBA +/- 3 dBA (Gas/LP), 83 dBA +/- 3 dBA
  • Power Source: Gas, LPG, Diesel
  • Air Technology / Broom Technology: Broom Technology
  • Application: Indoor, Outdoor, Indoor & Outdoor
  • Dump Type: High Dump
  • Side Brush Dimensions: 26 in / 660 mm (diameter)
  • Service Plans: Gold, Silver, Pay as You Go, Safety Inspection, Block of Time

Product Features 

  • Capture everything from cement dust to heavy concentrations of pellets, rocks, and glass.
  • Maximize operator maneuverability, comfort, and safety.
  • Get more continuous cleaning time with the rider sweeper’s large, multi-level hopper.
  • Control dry dust, even in the harshest, most congested sweeping environments, thanks to the Quad filtering system.

Product Key Benefits  

  • Empty debris into containers as high as 6 ft / 1.8 m.
  • Get long-lasting durability with the industrial floor sweeper’s rugged steel T-beam superstructure and bend-resistant steel back wheel brackets.
  • Maximize sweeping productivity with a wide cleaning path.
  • Get more continuous cleaning time with the sweeper’s large capacity, multi-level hopper at 30 ft / 9 m.
  • Prolong machine life and protect your investment with rear bumpers and optional corrosion-resistant stainless steel hopper bottom.


Industrial Rider On Scrubber (800)

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