Walk Behind Floor Sweeper (Nilfisk) SW250

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Product Name Walk Behind Floor Sweeper (Nilfisk) SW250
Model No SW250
Power Source Manual
Productivity Main Broom (m²/h) Theoretical: 1920 / Actual: 960
Productivity 1 Side Broom (m²/h) Theoretical: 2800 / Actual: 1400
Productivity 2 Side Brooms (m²/h) Theoretical: 3680 / Actual: 1840
Working Width with Right Side Broom (mm) 700
Working Width with 2 Side Brooms (mm) 920
Hopper Volume (L) 38
Main Broom (mm) 480
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1470 x 920 x 1120 mm
Weight 20 kg
Included Features Two Side Brooms
Adjustable Handle
Soft Handle
Ergonomic Handle
Folding Handle

The Nilfisk SW250 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper is the ideal choice for those who seek efficient and adaptable cleaning solutions. Whether you need to sweep small areas or extensive spaces, this manual-powered sweeper offers tailored productivity options to suit your needs. Invest in the Nilfisk SW250 and experience the freedom and efficiency it brings to your cleaning routine. Say goodbye to manual sweeping and welcome a cleaner, more productive environment with the Nilfisk SW250 Walk Behind Floor Sweeper.


The Nilfisk SW250 is a versatile walk-behind floor sweeper with superior cleaning performance. Whether you need to maintain small or large spaces, this manual-powered machine offers a range of features to keep your floors spotless and tidy.

Key Features:

  • Manual Power Source: The SW250 operates manually, giving you complete control over its movement and cleaning pace. This manual power source makes it an economical and eco-friendly choice.
  • Impressive Productivity: The SW250 boasts exceptional cleaning productivity with various broom options. You can choose from the main broom, one side broom, or two side brooms, each offering theoretical and actual productivity rates to suit your specific cleaning needs.
  • Versatile Working Width: This sweeper caters to various cleaning tasks, with a working width of 700mm when using the right-side broom and a generous 920mm when employing two side brooms.
  • Efficient Hopper: Equipped with a 38-liter hopper volume, the SW250 can handle a substantial amount of debris and waste, reducing the frequency of emptying and thus enhancing productivity.
  • Durable Main Broom: The 480mm main broom efficiently sweeps away dirt and debris, ensuring your floors are not just clean but also well-maintained.
  • Compact and Maneuverable: The SW250’s compact dimensions (1470 x 920 x 1120mm) and weight of only 20kg make it easy to maneuver and store, enhancing its usability and convenience.
  • Comfortable Handling: This machine is designed for comfort, with an adjustable handle, soft handle, ergonomic handle, and folding handle for an improved user experience.
  • Included Side Brooms: The SW250 has two side brooms, offering versatility and flexibility for your cleaning tasks.
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Walk Behind Floor Sweeper (Nilfisk) SW250

৳ 60,140.00৳ 62,000.00 (-3%)

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