Carpet Wringing/Crimping Machine

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Carpet wringing machine is a system that enables wet carpets to be squeezed at high speed and to dry in a short timeIt is indispensable to establish a carpet washing factory.

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More Information about Carpet Wringing Machine 

Carpet spinning machine is a system that allows wet carpets to be squeezed at high speed and to dry in a short timeIt is indispensable to establish a carpet washing factory. If a washed carpet is left to dry directly on the hanger, it will remain wet for a long time and cause disruption of work. A quality carpet wringer can complete this process in an average of 3 minutes. The Cleanvac carpet wringing machine can not only squeeze the carpet but can also be rinsed.

Cleanvac carpet spinning machines; It is divided into three as wheeled, shock absorber and bellows model. Since wheeled models are low, they are preferred by companies washing the floor. The models with shock absorbers and bellows are preferred by companies that use table type automatic carpet washing machines because of their high. Cleanvac carpet spinning machines have different sizes and cycle options. It has options such as inner drum lengths ranging from 120 cm to 420 cm and 1200, 1400, 1600 rpm. You can get detailed information by consulting us for your size and transfer preferences. In addition, according to your request, it is produced in production with special dimensions and features.

Transmission System 

When you start the carpet spinning machine, the engine has difficulty starting in the first place and creates a high amount of amp consumption. When it gets the drum speed, the amperage level starts to return to normal. This is like lifting a car on 3rd Gear. If you have a carpet spinning machine without a transmission system, test the amps while the machine is running. What you will see at the end of the test is that there is a discrepancy between the amperage used and the fuse box you set and set according to wattage-ampere values. The transmission system is installed as an option and our recommendation is to choose carpet spinning machines with the transmission system.

Brake System

After pressing the stop button while the carpet spinning machine is running, the inner drum continues to spin for a while. To remove the carpet from the machine, you must wait for the drum to stop. If you do not have time to devote to this due to the busy work tempo, the brake system will be the right choice for you. The braking system not only saves time but also allows you to clean the carpet at higher square meters. The brake system is installed as an option according to your request.


  • It works silently and smoothly.
  • There is no color mixture, no trace of the fold, no dirty water leakage into the eaves.
  • It has the feature of squeezing the carpet in roll form without breaking and folding.
  • It has at least 95% carpet spinning feature.
  • The inner cover is covered with polyamide toothed rest amid.
  • There is a time-saving.
  • A rinsing feature is available.
  • It has the advantage of adding optional features.

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Carpet Wringing/Crimping Machine

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