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What is the rail system? In accordance with the selected machine size, two rails are mounted parallel to the floor on which the machine will be used. A grid is laid between these rails. Carpet suitable for the size is laid on the grates and washed with a single button. With the Cleanvac BRS series rail system automatic carpet washing machine, you can set the functions such as water consumption, detergent consumption, rinsing time as you wish.


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The development of the carpet washing industry and the desire to meet the expectations of customers have made the use of an automatic carpet washing machine necessary today. Automatic carpet washing machines are in two separate categories. The first of these are table type models. The second one is the rail system carpet washing machine models with different sizes that we will talk about here.

You can save this information you enter into the PLC control panel to the system memory and you can wash the carpet in any program you want. Thus, the operator can devote time to other processes such as quality control by completing the washing process without any difficulty.

Cleanvac rail system automatic carpet washing machines are produced in three different sizes as BRS 260, BRS 320 and BRS 420. In accordance with your demands, production can be made in special dimensions and features. Please contact us to get information about automatic carpet washing machine prices.


  • It greatly reduces your washing costs. For example; Imagine you are washing a 6 m2 carpet from 5 TL per square meter. The washing cost of this 30 TL, which is the price taken from the customer 6 * 5 = 30 TL, is an average of 2 TL in this system.
  • Workmanship saves approximately 80% of the time, water and chemicals.
  • Since the automatic carpet washing machine is computer-controlled, it does not jump on the carpet and makes equal brushing in every millimeter square.
  • While the pressure applied to the carpet with hand-washing machines is a maximum of 50 kg, the rail system is applied with the automatic carpet washing machine, 150 kg.
  • Depending on the usage, the brush leaves an uneven pattern on the hand made washings with hand machines. Automatic carpet washing machine brushes apply a distributed load on the table and apply a balanced load to the specified axis. It does not leave any streaks on the carpet after cleaning.
  • Hand brushing machines rotate in one direction. The carpet, which is already slanted, lays its feathers more. The brushes of the rail system automatic carpet washing machine can turn in different directions. This feature both removes carpet feathers and removes dirt and hair that may remain between carpet feathers.
  • Water used in handwashing may be more or less than necessary in the opinion of the employee. In the automatic carpet washing machine, preferably two-stage pre-washing or rinsing can be done. This feature can be used easily with selections from the PLC screen panel.
  • The speed of the worker and the carpet washing machine is constant and does not change, even if the carpet is slightly dirty or very dirty in hand washes. In the automatic carpet washing machine, both the main car speed and the brush speed can be adjusted.
  • The attention of the operator working on the handwashing machine does not remain the same for 10 hours, but the automatic carpet washing machine continues to perform with the same quality thousands of times with the defined speed values ​​without any time limitation.

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Rail System Carpet Washing Machine

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