Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 75ltr Wet & Dry (Ingco) VC24751

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Product Name Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 75ltr Wet & Dry (Ingco) VC24751
Brand Ingco
Model No VC24751
Voltage 220V-240V~50/60Hz
Input Power 2X1200W
Air Flow 3 CBM/Min
Vacuum Pressure 16-17KPa
Dust Capacity 75L
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Power Cable 5.5m
Cleaning Type Wet and Dry
Metal Handle 1 piece
Flexible Hose 1 piece
Floor Brush 1 piece
2-Part Metal Tube 1 piece
Cloth Filter  1 piece
Packaging             Packed by Carton Box
Additional Information Heavy Duty



Experience Efficient Cleaning with the Ingco VC24751 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Elevate your cleaning routines with the Ingco VC24751 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty cleaning tasks in industrial settings. Engineered with precision and robustness, this vacuum cleaner offers exceptional performance for both wet and dry cleaning operations.

Powerful Performance: With a dual input power of 2X1200W, this vacuum cleaner delivers exceptional suction power, ensuring thorough cleaning across various surfaces. The 220V-240V voltage and 50/60Hz frequency ensure consistent and reliable operation.

High Capacity and Versatility: Boasting an impressive 75L stainless steel tank, the VC24751 allows extended cleaning sessions without frequent emptying. Its versatility enables efficient cleaning of liquid spills and solid debris, making it an indispensable tool in workshops, factories, or commercial spaces.

Optimized Cleaning Accessories: The package includes essential accessories such as a flexible hose, floor brush, 2-part metal tube, cloth filter, and sturdy handle. These attachments facilitate precise and comprehensive cleaning, quickly reaching tricky corners and surfaces.

Enhanced Mobility and Convenience: Equipped with a 5.5m power cable, this vacuum cleaner offers extended reach without frequent socket changes. Its maneuverability is further enhanced by its robust construction and the convenience of a carton box for easy portability and storage.

Reliable Construction: Crafted with durable stainless steel, the vacuum cleaner’s tank ensures longevity and resistance to corrosion, even when handling liquids. The sturdy build and quality components provide durability and consistent performance over time.

Ideal for Industrial Environments: Whether it’s cleaning debris from construction sites workshops, or maintaining cleanliness in warehouses, the Ingco VC24751 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect companion for professional cleaning needs.


The Ingco VC24751 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner combines power, capacity, and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for industrial cleaning. Experience efficiency, reliability, and convenience in cleaning operations with this robust and high-performance vacuum cleaner from Ingco.

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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 75ltr Wet & Dry (Ingco) VC24751

৳ 32,465.00৳ 37,785.00 (-14%)

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