Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

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Product Specifications

Absorbed Power (kW) 5
Detergent Tank (Litters) 20
Dimensions (cm) 105 x 75 x 90
Flow Rate (I/h) 450-900
Fuel (Litters) 20
Model PW-H-40-D1915 T
Pressure Bar 40-190
RPM 1400
Remote Control Total Stop D
Temp. Range (Degree Celsius) 30-140
Voltage (Ph-V-Hz) 3-400-50
Weight (kg) 131.6



If you are searching for Cold Water High-Pressure Machine for your industry we are here to assist you. We consult the customer to find the most suitable high-pressure cleaner you. Would you like personal advice about the purchase of a cold water high-pressure cleaner? Do not hesitate to contact our specialists free of obligation!

The cold water high-pressure cleaners are available in different versions, making them suitable for both professional and industrial use. The cleaning work to be done ultimately determines which model of the Coldwater pressure machine is more suitable.


  • Electric motor, 4-pole, 1400 rpm, continuous duty with double bearing and thermal cutout. Extends the working life of mechanical components
  • Pressure adjustment and steam knob incorporated in the pump
  • Crankshaft pump with brass head and ceramic pistons
  • Control panel with; motor and burner start-up temperature regulation, detergent tap, professional gauge to display working pressure at all times.

This is why you choose Cold Water Pressure Machine:

  • From all-round to extremely heavy cleaning
  • Operating pressure to 1000 bar
  • Water delivery to no less than 1800 l/hour
  • Radial pump in each machine
  • Unprecedented power and performance in all possible working conditions
  • Our experts guide you from A to Z
  • Unprecedented performance in all possible working conditions
  • Personalized products fully in line with the wishes of the customer
  • Simple operation
  • From light to intensive use
  • Electric motor or fuel motor
  • Mobile or stationary

Water pressure washing method can reduce the hassle of your cleaning. You can use pressure cleaning for, Super Glasses, Middle Glasses, Compact Glasses, Portable, Special Glasses, Combustion Engine, HD- Trailer and so many things.


Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

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