Steam Seat and Carpet Washing Machine

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Cleanvac steam seat washing machines are produced in two different models, ISV 2800-S  and C 90 COMPACT. Both models have a carpet and seat washing features. Two models have two separate apparatus developed for sofa washing and carpet washing.


Steam Seat Washing Machine 

With the advancement of technology, the steam sofa washing machine has become an indispensable part of the cleaning industry. It provides great advantages to people who provide on-site seat washing services, cleaning companies, auto hairdressers, carpet washing companies, mosques, those who want to clean their own home or office.

Cleanvac steam cleaning machines produce 150 – 170 degrees steam with the steam generator, easily remove dirt and do not leave wet on the surface with the double fan vacuum motor. It disappears in a short time in the moisture generated by the steam. Apart from steam and vacuum features, it also has the feature of washing with hot water. It provides high cleaning quality by disinfecting the surface with its hot water washing feature. While cleaning with the steam seat washing machine, seat cleaning drugs can be applied directly to the surface to be cleaned as well as to the clean water tank.

Cleanvac Steam Cleaning Machine Models

  • Cleanvac ISV 2800 S

ISV 2800 S steam seat and carpet washing machine; This model is in demand by cleaning companies and hairdressers. Thanks to its large tank capacity and pressurized steam power, the ISV 2800 S manages to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

ISV 2800 S

  • Cleanvac C 90

The C 90 model steam washing machine is very useful with its compact design and light body. It attracts a great deal of attention, especially by companies that perform seat washing works on the spot. Cleanvac C 90 is a very professional product in the business with its easy transportation by one person and high steam capacity.

C 90

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Steam Seat and Carpet Washing Machine

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