Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer (Haotian) XD50

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Product Name Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer (Haotian) XD50
Brand Haotian/China
Model XD50
Voltage/Frequency 240VDC
Brush Motor Power 500W/24V
Water Absorbing Motor Power 400W/24V
Brush Rotation Speed 155 rpm/min
Power Line Length 12m
Brush Plate Diameter 510 mm
Suction Vacuum Degree 148m bar
Water Sucker 780 mm
Clean Water Tank Capacity 50L
Dirty Water Tank Capacity 50L
Battery 2x12V/100Ah
Cleanliness Efficiency 19375/1800 sqft/Smt
Net Weight 145kg
Gross Weight 193kg
Included Accessories Battery & Charger, Water Steak, Brush Pad Holder

Introducing the Haotian XD50 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer, a powerful and efficient cleaning solution designed to elevate your maintenance routine. Engineered by Haotian in China, the XD50 combines advanced technology with robust features to deliver unparalleled performance.

Efficient Cleaning Power:

With a robust brush motor boasting 500W/24V and a water-absorbing engine with 400W/24V, the XD50 ensures thorough and effective cleaning. The 155 rpm/min brush rotation speed and 780mm water sucker contribute to swift and precise cleaning, making it an ideal choice for various surfaces.

Versatile Design:

Equipped with a 240VDC voltage/frequency, a 12m power line, and a sizable 510mm brush plate diameter, the XD50 effortlessly tackles diverse cleaning tasks. The 148m bar suction vacuum degree enhances its ability to lift dirt and grime, leaving surfaces immaculately clean.

Smart Water Management:

This scrubber dryer ensures a continuous and efficient cleaning process, featuring a 50L clean water tank and a 50L dirty water tank. The included water steak facilitates water distribution, optimizing the cleaning performance for a pristine finish.

Long-lasting Battery Power:

Powered by two 12V/100Ah batteries, the XD50 offers reliable and sustained performance, allowing extended cleaning sessions without interruption. The battery and charger are included for added convenience.

User-Friendly Features:

Designed with user convenience, the XD50 has a 19375/1800 sqft/Smt cleanliness efficiency, streamlining the cleaning process. The net weight of 145kg ensures easy maneuverability, while the sturdy construction with a gross weight of 193kg reflects durability and longevity.

Complete Cleaning Package:

Included with the Haotian XD50 are essential accessories, such as a brush pad holder, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comprehensive cleaning experience.

Elevate your cleaning standards with the Haotian XD50 Walk Behind Scrubber Dryer – a reliable and robust solution for commercial, industrial, and other cleaning applications. Invest in efficiency, durability, and cleanliness with Haotian.

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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Dryer (Haotian) XD50

৳ 390,000.00

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