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Dehumidification Machine DRY 60 allows the drying of the carpet in the carpet washing plants to dry in a very short time of 8 hours, regardless of summer and winter. It offers hygienic drying opportunities without being exposed to sun rays for drying.

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Dehumidification Machine DRY 60 is generally used for carpet drying in carpet washing plants. It performs the drying process by taking the moisture of the carpets in a very short time such as 8 hours regardless of summer and winter. Thanks to the Cleanvac industrial dehumidifier, you do not need sun rays to dry the carpets you have washed. 

The carpets that are dried by taking the moisture in the drying room do not fade because they are not exposed to harmful sun rays, they remain alive. Also carpet drying process; It reaches the drying periods of days in some geographies for days or even in some carpets and may damage the carpets. 

This means that you lose both times, space and earnings as it extends the time to deliver your washed carpets to the customer. You can provide a clean and hygienic drying in a short time in the drying rooms you have made with the Cleanvac DRY 60 dehumidifier. You can contact us to get information about carpet dryer prices.

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