Cold Water High Pressure Washer (Nilfisk) Densin C-250E

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Parameter Details
Name of Item High Pressure Washer
Quantity 01 (One)
Purpose To clean under portion of the vehicle
Technical Parameters
Country of Origin Denmark
Country of Manufacturer Hungary
Model Name Densin C-250E
Power Input 7.5 kW / 10 hp
Maximum Pressure 275 bar
Working Pressure 250 bar / 3625 psi
Water Flow Rate 900 liters per hour
Max Inlet Temp 40°C
Motor Speed 1450 RPM
Electric Cable Length 10 meters
Protection Thermostatic Relief Valve
Insulation Class F
IP Protection Class IP54
Voltage 440V (3 Phase), 50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 930 x 858 x 940 mm
Weight Net 90 kg
Gross Weight 121 kg


- High Pressure Hose Pipe 30 Feet
- Hose Connector 01 pcs
- Launcher 01 pcs
- Trigger Gun 01 pcs
- Chemical Water Tank 02 Liter
Year of Manufacture 2022
Source of Supply Nirmaan Technologies, Flat-5C, House 87, Road 15, Sector 11, Uttara, Dhaka-1213
Port of Shipment Ready Stock
Manufacturer's Name and Address Nilfisk Ltd
Certificate and Document of Authentication Attached
Packing/Labeling Standard import packaging
Warranty 01 (One) Year
Training If Needed

When it comes to demanding cleaning tasks that require precision and power, the Densin C-250E stands out as the ultimate solution. This high-performance, cold water pressure washer from Nilfisk is designed to tackle even the most challenging cleaning projects quickly and efficiently.


Key Features:

  • Remarkable Power: With an impressive power rating of 7.5 kW (equivalent to 10 hp), the C-250E offers unmatched cleaning force, making it capable of handling a wide range of cleaning requirements.
  • Three-Phase Performance: Operating at 440V in a three-phase configuration and 50Hz frequency, this washer provides consistent and reliable power for your cleaning tasks.
  • High-Pressure Excellence: The pump pressure of 275 bar ensures that the C-250E can effectively remove dirt, grime, and tough stains from various surfaces, leaving them spotless and refreshed.
  • Optimal Water Flow: With a maximum water flow rate of 900 liters per hour, this pressure washer efficiently flushes away debris, ensuring a thorough and rapid cleaning process.
  • Variable Motor Specification: The motor specification allows you to choose between 1500 and 1800 rpm, allowing you to tailor the cleaning speed according to your specific needs.
  • Adaptable Water Temperature: Capable of handling water with a maximum inlet temperature of 40°C, the C-250E accommodates different cleaning tasks, from regular surface cleaning to more demanding projects.
  • Safety First: Equipped with a thermostatic relief valve for protection and Class F insulation, this washer ensures safety and durability.
  • Durable Design: The C-250E boasts an IP54 protection class, making it resistant to dust and water, ensuring a long-lasting performance.
  • Extended Reach: The included 10-meter cable and 30-foot high-pressure hose pipe provide ample reach and flexibility, allowing you to access various cleaning areas effortlessly.
  • Essential Accessories: The package includes a hose connector, launcher, trigger gun, and a 2-liter chemical water tank, offering a complete and versatile cleaning solution.

The Densin C-250E Cold Water High-Pressure Washer by Nilfisk epitomizes power and precision for all your cleaning needs. Whether you need to clean heavy machinery, industrial equipment, or any challenging outdoor surfaces, this high-pressure washer is your dependable and efficient partner.

Invest in the Densin C-250E and experience the excellence it brings to your cleaning tasks. With this high-pressure washer, maintaining a clean, professional, and inviting environment becomes a breeze, ensuring a lasting impression of cleanliness and professionalism.


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Cold Water High Pressure Washer (Nilfisk) Densin C-250E

৳ 427,000.00৳ 440,000.00 (-3%)

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