Viper Ride-on Scrubber Dryer Viper AS 850R Nilfisk

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Specification Value
Type Ride-On Scrubber Dryer
Model AS 850 R
Brand VIPER (Nilfisk Group)
Origin Denmark
Made in PRC
Drive Motor Power (hp/W) 500
Brush Motor Power (W) 2x300
Vacuum Motor Power (W) 500
Vacuum Pressure (mm H2O) 1800
Brush Diameter (mm) 406 x 2
Squeegee Width (mm) 1060
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A)) 69
Brush Speed (RPM) 204
Brush Pressure (Kg) 40
Sound Level (dBA) 69
Solution Tank Capacity (l) 120
Recovery Tank Capacity (l) 120
Productivity (Sq ft/h) 55,218
Propel Speed (km/h) 6
Aisle Turn (cm) 182
Net Weight (kg) 230
Max. Shipping Weight (kg) 440
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 1580 x 890 x 1230
Max. Climbing Rate (%) 10

The AS710R/AS850R represents a line of medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryers, offering an optimal solution for effectively scrubbing and drying high-traffic areas.

Tailored for daily indoor cleaning within mid-sized spaces such as railway stations, parking lots, shopping centers, exhibition halls, schools, hotels, and various commercial environments exceeding 5000m², these machines excel at maintaining diverse floor surfaces including tiles, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, and concrete.

Characterized by contemporary design, compactness, and durability, the AS710R/AS850R models are user-friendly and sturdy. Standard equipment includes two brushes, two pad holders, a squeegee, onboard charger, and four 6V batteries. Additionally, the optional front bumper and warning lamp enhance machine protection and visibility.

Operational simplicity is ensured through an intuitive dashboard, one-touch button, and a user-friendly menu for configuration. Mechanically-operated brush and squeegee lifting mechanisms, along with optional front bumper installation, contribute to robustness and longevity. Safety features encompass automatic speed reduction control and an ergonomic seat with a safety switch. Moreover, the built-in squeegee hanging system facilitates easy maneuverability in narrow spaces.

Convenience features include storage space for gadgets like cell phones, a USB port for fast charging, and an integrated on-board charger for hassle-free battery replenishment at any power outlet. Furthermore, the large opening to the recovery tank facilitates effortless cleaning.


Viper Ride-on Scrubber Dryer Viper AS 850R Nilfisk

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