Concrete Tiles

Whether you are looking for the best tiles shop in Dhaka for the best concrete tiles for your wall or floor, you are in the right place. We are a leading pavement tiles manufacturer in Bangladesh. You will find cement floor tiles, and concrete wall tiles which can be used in indoor-outdoor and commercial places in Dhaka as well.

Moreover, we are offering a variety of designs of concrete tiles that are widely used in many places in Dhaka. This kind of pavement tiles is used in places like showrooms walls and floors, office outdoor and indoor, residential uses, and many other decorative places in Bangladesh.

Cement Tile Types and Its Price in Bangladesh

There are some important things you need to know about concrete tiles. Cause demand for this kind of authentic and sustainable product is increasing. So, you should know something about this kind of tile. Here it is,

  • Allow tiles to be installed inside to season in their final environment for several days prior to installation.
  • Do NOT allow boxes to get wet, store in a dry environment (unsealed tiles are very porous and will absorb any moisture which can cause staining).
  • Seal with a penetrating sealer PRIOR to installation to prevent staining from setting material.
  • Tile backs should be thoroughly wet with clean water just prior to laying.
  • Tiles from multiple boxes should be mixed due to color and tonal variations that are inherent in this product.
  • Make sure adhesive is applied to the full back of each tile (100% coverage).
  • Level tiles using hand pressure.
  • Do not install during excessively hot weather or in full direct sun.
  • Seal tiles again before grouting.
  • Allow two (2) to three (3) days after tiles are laid before grouting.
  • Recommended grout joint is 1/16” – 1/8”.
  • The unsanded grout color should be lighter than the lightest color on the tile.

This is How We Can Help You With Concrete Tiles 

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