• Heavy-Duty Battery Rider Scrubber (T-17)

  • Rider Sweeper (S-30)

When You are looking for the best industrial scrubber Drier or best performance sweeper in Bangladesh, TENNANT is the leading company. Because in the cleaning industry, the Tennant company is best for its high-performance cleaning equipment for industrial purposes. Then again, it’s known as a sustainable and durable industrial scrubber dier and sweeper company in the world.

As a leading cleaning equipment supplier company, we have all kinds of industrial equipment like high-performance scrubber Drier, industrial sweepers, and many more. Moreover, you will find the best price for your industrial machine needs. Furthermore, we are providing cleaning equipment for your residential or commercial needs in Dhaka and other places across the country.

For more details please call us and get the best equipment that suits your requirements in terms of your industrial or residential use.

Best Scrubbing Machine and Sweeper Pricelist In Bangladesh (Updated)

Machine Name Type Price
Rider Sweeper (S-30) Sweeper ৳ 4,495,000
Micro-Rider Floor Scrubber (T-7) Scrubber Drier ৳ 1,898,000
Compact Battery Rider Scrubber (T-12) Scrubber Drier ৳ 2,297,000
Rider Sweeper Mid Size (S-20)  Sweeper ৳ 3,995,000
Industrial Rider on Scrubber (800) Sweeper ৳ 8,490,000
Heavy Duty Battery Rider Scrubber (T-17) Scrubber Drier ৳ 3,995,000
Walk-Behind Sweeper (S-10) Sweeper ৳ 1,398,000


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